Success in Recruitment and Consulting of a Medtech Company specialists are pleased to reveal the details of the recent cooperation with a well-known medtech company founded several years ago in Belarus. For three months, we have undertaken a mission not only to find candidates for key roles that require experience and knowledge in a narrowly focused area, but also to provide consulting to improve and strengthen the work team and increase performance. Our recruiters have successfully closed the positions of the Project Manager, two QAs and three experienced Developers.

A well-known medical technology company

Our esteemed Client is a leading company that boasts a widely used product that has become one of the most important in the field of medical technology in the country and beyond. Working across the regions of Belarus, they have expanded the capabilities of users, as well as strengthened their position not only as product developers, but also as a company with an understandable system of work for a team of specialists.

Achieving success in the field of recruitment and consulting for a medical tech company in Belarus

Team expansion

Faced with the need to increase his team, our client attracted not only for staff selection, but also for comprehensive consulting. The goal was to optimize the staff structure and ensure the rapid adaptation of new employees to existing teams and projects.

The approach to recruitment

Our approach to work was based and focused not only on the technical capabilities of the candidates, but also on their compliance with the principles and values of the company. The goal was to assemble a team capable of collective success and growth in a unique and highly specialized Client environment.

Consulting on efficiency issues

In addition to recruiting staff, our team has been exploring existing processes, identifying areas to improve the work of current professionals and ensuring a smooth integration process for newly appointed team members.

The result of the work

The result of our cooperation was a strengthened and expanded team, with updated internal processes, well prepared to solve the problems of the progressive medical technology field.

As a recruitment company, we are immensely proud to be an integral part of such success stories. The widespread use and recognition of our customers’ product is a testament to the effectiveness of our collaboration, and we look forward to further supporting their growth path.

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