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About Belarus

  • Currency
    Belarus uses Belarusian Ruble (BYN), managed by the Central Bank to maintain stability in monetary policy. This currency, divided into 100 kopecks, serves as the primary medium for transactions, encompassing both cash exchanges and electronic payments. Its widespread use underscores a resilient economic environment that supports robust business operations and facilitates financial transactions nationwide.
  • Minimum Wage
    The minimum wage in Belarus is set at BYN 480 per month. This rate is adjusted regularly to keep pace with inflation and changes in the cost of living, ensuring that workers receive fair compensation that supports a decent standard of living. It demonstrates the government’s commitment to maintaining equitable labor standards and social welfare for its workforce.
  • Banking
    Belarus has a diverse banking sector comprising both state-owned and private banks, all regulated by the National Bank. These institutions offer a wide array of financial services, from personal and business banking to loans and electronic payment systems. This robust banking infrastructure enhances accessibility and convenience for financial transactions, supporting economic activities and facilitating both domestic and international commerce.
  • Entity Registration
    Registering a business in Belarus is a streamlined process that typically takes around five days. Entrepreneurs have the flexibility to choose from various business structures such as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Joint Stock Companies (JSCs). Managed efficiently by local authorities or the Ministry of Justice, this process encourages entrepreneurship and facilitates a smooth start for new ventures, contributing to economic growth and job creation.
  • Social Security
    Belarus offers a comprehensive social security system that covers pensions, healthcare, and unemployment benefits. Employers contribute around 34% of an employee’s salary to these funds, with employees contributing 1%. This system provides a robust safety net for workers and their families during times of economic uncertainty, promoting social stability and well-being across the workforce.
  • Taxes in Belarus
    Belarus employs a progressive tax system to fund public services and support economic development. Personal income tax rates range from 13% to 17%, while corporate tax rates are fixed at 18%. The Value Added Tax (VAT) stands at 20%. Additionally, the government provides tax incentives and reliefs to encourage investment and regional development, creating a favorable environment for businesses and fostering economic competitiveness.
  • Types of Leave
    Workers in Belarus benefit from generous leave entitlements designed to promote work-life balance and support their well-being. This includes 24 days of paid annual leave, along with provisions for sick leave. Negotiable additional leave options in employment contracts further enhance employee benefits, ensuring comprehensive support for personal and family needs.
  • Employment Termination
    Termination of employment in Belarus is governed by clear guidelines outlined in the Labor Code, ensuring fairness and transparency for both employers and employees. Notice periods range from two weeks to two months, depending on the circumstances of termination. In cases of redundancy, severance pay may be required, providing financial support to employees while enabling employers to manage workforce changes effectively and responsibly.
  • Employment Law
    Belarusian employment law, guided by the Labor Code, safeguards the rights of employees and outlines the responsibilities of employers. It covers various aspects including contract terms, working conditions, minimum wage regulations, and leave entitlements. Regular updates to these laws ensure they remain relevant and responsive to economic dynamics, promoting a stable and supportive environment for labor relations and economic activities.
  • Immigration
    Foreign nationals seeking employment in Belarus must obtain both a work permit and temporary residence permit. This process involves securing a job offer, obtaining the necessary visas, and registering with local authorities. Belarus has implemented streamlined procedures to attract skilled professionals and investors, contributing to economic growth and fostering international cooperation and integration. These efforts not only benefit the country’s economy but also enrich its cultural and professional landscape.

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Belarus is home to a vibrant and talented workforce, perfect for building your dream team. Imagine working with professionals who are not only skilled but also passionate about driving your company forward. We make it easy for you to tap into this talent pool, handling all the local administrative tasks so you can focus on your vision. Let’s build something great together in Belarus.

Effortless HR in Belarus

Managing human resources in Belarus has never been easier. Our comprehensive HR services cover everything from recruitment and onboarding to employee relations and compliance. We take care of the complexities so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business. With our expert team handling your HR needs, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and a streamlined process that supports your employees and aligns with local regulations.

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Say goodbye to payroll headaches with our Belarus payroll services. We ensure your team gets paid accurately and on time, every time. Our local experts handle all the details, from taxes to benefits, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. With us taking care of your payroll, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on what you do best—running your business. 


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A Step-by-step Process of Payroll Processing in Belarus


Pre-payroll Stage

Collect and verify employee data, including work hours, benefits, and deductions. Ensure compliance with local tax laws and company policies before initiating the payroll process.


Payroll Processing Stage

Calculate gross salaries, apply necessary deductions such as taxes and benefits, and generate net pay. Prepare payroll reports, verify accuracy, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.


Post-payroll Activities

Disburse salaries to employees’ bank accounts, file mandatory tax returns, and generate payslips. Maintain accurate payroll records and promptly address any discrepancies or employee queries.

You can hire other developers

Front-end developer in Belarus

Frontend Developers

Experts in crafting responsive user interfaces with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for optimal user experience.

Back-end developer in Belarus

Backend Developers

Specialists in server-side scripting, database management, and API integration for robust application functionality.

Full-stack developer in Belarus

Full Stack Developers

Proficient in both frontend and backend technologies, capable of managing entire application development cycles from start to finish.

Android developer in Belarus

Android Developers

Specialize in developing native or hybrid applications for Android, focusing on delivering seamless mobile experiences.

IOS developer

iOS Developers

Development of clear and reliable iOS applications for Apple devices.

Tech Lead in Belarus

Tech Lead

Leads technical teams, ensuring alignment with project objectives and implementing cutting-edge solutions to drive innovation.

Project Manager in Belarus

Project Manager

Oversees project scope, resource allocation, and timelines to deliver successful outcomes and meet client expectations.

Business Analyst in Belarus

Business Analysts

Analyze business processes and requirements, translating them into effective strategies and solutions to enhance operational efficiency.

Team Lead in Belarus

Team Lead

Guides and inspires teams to achieve project milestones, fostering a collaborative environment and promoting professional growth.

QA tester in Belarus

QA (Quality Assurance)

Ensures software quality through meticulous testing processes, identifying and resolving issues to deliver flawless products.

Product owner in Belarus

Product Owner

Drives product development strategy, prioritizing features based on market needs and customer feedback to maximize value.

Product manager in Belarus

Product Manager

Manages product lifecycle from conception to launch, aligning strategies with business goals and ensuring market success.

UI/UX designer in Belarus

UI/UX Designer

Designs intuitive interfaces that optimize user interaction and satisfaction, integrating user-centered design principles for seamless experiences.


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Transparent Prices

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Ready to Help

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Integration with Your Business

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Local and Global Reach

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Competitive Payment Options

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What is the current state of the Belarusian labor market?

The Belarusian labor market is characterized by a diverse workforce across various industries, with opportunities in IT, manufacturing, agriculture, and services. It offers competitive wages and a skilled talent pool suitable for both local and international businesses.

How is Payroll Calculated in Belarus?

Payroll in Belarus is typically calculated based on monthly wages. It includes basic salary, allowances, bonuses, and deductions such as taxes and social security contributions. Employers must adhere to government-set rates and regulations.

How to Set Up Payroll in Belarus

Setting up payroll in Belarus involves registering with tax authorities, obtaining necessary permits, defining employee classifications, calculating taxes and contributions, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Is an Employment Contract Mandatory Before Hiring in Belarus?

Yes, an employment contract is mandatory under Belarusian labor law. It must specify terms of employment, duties, compensation, working hours, benefits, and termination conditions. Both parties must sign the contract before employment begins.

What is EOR (Employer of Record)?

Employer of Record (EOR) is a service where a third party manages employer responsibilities, such as payroll, HR compliance, and legal obligations, on behalf of a company employing workers in Belarus. It simplifies international hiring and ensures legal compliance.

What is HTP (High-Tech Park) and Its Advantages?

HTP is a special economic zone that fosters IT innovation and development in Belarus. Advantages include tax incentives, simplified regulations, access to skilled IT professionals, and opportunities for research and development.

What is the population of Belarus?

As of 2024, Belarus has a population of approximately 9.8 million, with a diverse demographic composition spread across urban and rural areas.

What is the primary language spoken in Belarus?

Belarusian and Russian are the official languages of Belarus. Russian is widely spoken and used in business, government, and everyday communication, alongside Belarusian.

What are the statutory holidays and paid time off (PTO) policies in Belarus?

Belarus observes several public holidays, including New Year’s Day, International Women’s Day, Independence Day, and others. Employees are entitled to paid annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, and other types of leave as per labor regulations.

What are the standard working hours in Belarus?

The standard working week in Belarus is 40 hours, typically spread across five days. Overtime work is regulated by law and requires additional compensation or time off in lieu.

How does Belarus regulate employee benefits and social security contributions?

Belarus mandates employers to contribute approximately 34% of an employee’s salary towards social security, covering pensions, healthcare, and unemployment benefits. Employees contribute 1% of their salary towards these funds, ensuring comprehensive social protection.

What are the steps to terminate an employee’s contract in Belarus?

Termination of employment in Belarus follows the Labor Code, which stipulates specific notice periods ranging from two weeks to two months, depending on the circumstances. Severance pay may be required in cases of redundancy or contract termination.

Are there specific industries or sectors experiencing growth in Belarus?

Belarus has seen growth in industries such as IT and high-tech manufacturing, supported by initiatives like the High-Tech Park (HTP). These sectors benefit from tax incentives, skilled labor, and government support, attracting domestic and foreign investment.

How does Belarus promote foreign investment and business development?

Belarus promotes foreign investment through special economic zones like the High-Tech Park and China-Belarus Industrial Park. It offers tax breaks, simplified regulations, and incentives for technology, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors, fostering economic growth.

What are the regulations regarding hiring foreign nationals in Belarus?

Hiring foreign nationals in Belarus requires obtaining a work permit and a temporary residence permit. Employers must demonstrate a need for foreign expertise not available locally. Simplified procedures aim to attract skilled professionals and investors to support economic development.

How does Belarus protect intellectual property rights for businesses operating within its borders?

Belarus enforces intellectual property rights through legislation aligned with international standards. It offers legal protections for trademarks, patents, and copyrights, with mechanisms for dispute resolution and enforcement against infringement.

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