Hiring Front-end developers in Belarus

What is a front-end developer? 

What is a front-end developer and how does it differ from a back-end developer? Web pages are a collection of layers—structure, data, design, content, and functionality. The WEB would turn into completely unfriendly pages for users, one code and a couple of gifs. This situation is corrected by front-end developers, who take back-end data and create user-oriented functionality. By integrating markup languages, design, scripts, and frameworks, front-end developers create an environment for everything that users see, click, and touch. i.e., a front-end developer is the person who ties together the world of design and technology, translating what the back-end has riveted into a pretty attractive language that users can understand. 

Everything a user sees, clicks, or uses to enter or retrieve information on a website is the work of a front-end developer. To do this, one needs to be both creative and technically savvy. Their focus is on the user experience, and the technology they implement depends on how well it will perform that efficiency, speed, and smooth functionality. They also make sure that the interface is free of errors or bugs and that the design looks as it should on different platforms and browsers. 

What a front-end developer should know and be able to do

As mentioned above, a front-end developer does everything that the user can see and touch. But how do they do it and what is included in the usual tasks of a front-end developer? Firstly, they prioritize user experience: they think like a user and make everything as convenient and beautiful as possible for them. Secondly, they brings the whole concept to life, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Next they create and maintain user interfaces of websites and web applications, implement design for mobile sites, support software document management, taking the best SEO practices as an example. And, a front-end developer also tests the site for usability and fixes any errors.

In general, the knowledge of a front-end developer can be divided as follows, depending on their level:

  • Intern: JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, React.js;
  • Junior: JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, React.js, Redux + Git, adaptive layout, BEM, DBMS;
  • Middle: JavaScript, React.js, Vue.js, Redux, CSS + cross-browser layout;
  • Senior: JavaScript, React.js, Vue.js, Angular, Typescript + development process management, Ruby on Rails;
  • Lead: JavaScript, React.js, Vue.js, Angular, Typescript + people, processes management + architecture.

Online, especially when viewing front-end developer vacancies, one can find the following requirements for the skills and knowledge of a front-end developer:

  • Understanding the principles of UI/UX, web design;
  • Understanding usability principles;
  • Architectural design skills;
  • Understanding and monitoring site traffic, understanding the basics of SEO.

Where are front-end developers needed?

Well, they are needed absolutely everywhere wherever there’s web development!

  • Companies that have websites;
  • Marketplaces, online stores, entertainment services and websites;
  • Project management, corporate portals.

Why you should choose us for recruiting front-end developers

Front-end developers are in great demand in the market and recruiting such a specialist is one of the most frequent requests from our clients. In addition to our own resume database, we also have a team of highly qualified recruiters who have all the necessary tools and life hacks at the ready to find the right person for you. 

We selected people for the team who would not be closing positions just for show. These are specialists who will first try to learn everything about your expectations, team and company in order to clearly understand how much the candidate matches the culture and vision. The result is what’s important to us, not the number of closed positions. You will not wait for weeks for a response from us, communication and keeping in touch with the client are our strong suit.  We understand how important it is to answer question in time and resolve any misunderstandings. 

Over 10 years of experience, we have taken quite a few knocks, but also made a lot of friends and satisfied customers. We are very pleased when the customers themselves bring their friends and partners to us. Our team is always open to new challenges and accept them with great enthusiasm. We appreciate that we are trusted and we’re proud of the work we’ve done.

We don’t only work with companies from Belarus. Recruitment.by have experience and are ready to work with foreign customers. Our specialists have the skills to find employees for remote positions, as well as relocation. They will be happy to communicate with you in English, are ready to provide a consultation and find out all the information you need.

English knowledge requirement for a front-end developer

For any programmer (and front-end developers are no exception), knowledge of English is already a requirement, and, as a rule, with a technical bias. To date, it is very difficult to progress in the field of programming without knowledge of English, so, as a rule, we try to recruit developers with a level of English not lower than upper-intermediate.

How to find a good front-end developer in Belarus

Search on your own through all available channels, or contact a recruitment company. Some companies, like ours, have their own resume databases, which can significantly speed up the process. 

How does our team work? After agreeing on all the issues, we first go through our database, searching for the candidate you need. If we do not find one, our employees start searching through other available resources. We constantly monitor the news and keep up to date with all the changes taking place in the IT market. We are actively working with LinkedIn.

But the recruiting process doesn’t end with just searching. Many recruiters work in a way that they find a suitable specialist for the requirements and throw them to the client. We understand that the success rate of such a process is extremely low. After all, there is a risk that even if the candidate will be accepted for the position, within a month or two, one of the parties will end up disappointed in the job, and the vacancy will be reopened. We value your time and consider it our duty to communicate with the candidate, understand their interests and introduce them to the company. In the course of communication, we learn how much the candidate is interested in the position and the company, how hard they are ready to perform the tasks. This greatly increases the chance of a successful transaction. We respect your time and resources and make this our number one priority.

Salary of a front-end developer

Average salary of a front-end developer in Belarus

The average salary of a front-end developer in Belarus ranges from $950 to $9000. But one should understand that the figure will depend on the experience and skills of the developer.  In our experience, there were also cases when the client was ready to agree on the salary suggested by the candidate, if, of course, the latter was up to par.

Salary research in Belarus

Our firm is involved in preparation of Salary Survey on a yearly basis. Follow this page to get more information about it.

Where front-end developers are trained in Belarus

There are a lot of opportunities. Schools, online courses, universities, a mentor friend, or self-study. We are proud to mention IT schools and technical universities in Belarus, which train specialists whose knowledge and skills are quoted abroad. In our practice there were also cases when we hired specialists who learned everything themselves, because nowadays there are a lot of resources and available materials in the public domain. But that requires great desire, self-discipline and patience. Some front-end developers say that learning front-end development comes down to the fact that a person just has to take on a project and learn from it. We are sure that a person who has gone that route will be worth their salt.

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