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Unlocking the Gateway to HTP Residency

Embark on your journey to becoming a HTP resident with a meticulously crafted business plan that showcases your tech venture’s potential.

Our Services

  • Joining HTP
    Fast-track your entry into the HTP with our expert guidance and streamlined application process.
  • Business Project for HTP
    Craft a winning HTP business plan that aligns with park regulations and showcases your venture’s potential.
  • Accounting
    Ensure seamless compliance with HTP financial regulations and maintain accurate records with our specialized accounting services.
  • Recruiting
    Find the perfect tech talent for your HTP company through our targeted recruitment strategies and access to Belarus’s top IT pool.
  • Management Organization Services
    Delegate administrative tasks and free up your resources to focus on innovation with our comprehensive HTP management solutions.
  • Company Liquidation
    Navigate the complexities of HTP company liquidation efficiently and securely with our experienced team.

HTP Residency: The Key to Success with Our Business Plan

In the dynamic realm of technology, Belarus’s High-Tech Park (HTP) stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity. For aspiring tech entrepreneurs, securing HTP residency opens doors to a world of benefits, including tax breaks, simplified customs procedures, and a supportive ecosystem of fellow innovators. 

However, crafting a compelling business plan that meets HTP’s stringent requirements can be a daunting task. That’s where our team of seasoned experts steps in. We are here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your business plan effectively showcases your venture’s potential and aligns with HTP’s objectives.

Acquiring High Technology Park Resident Status

To snag HTP residency in Belarus, register your business there as a legal entity (individual entrepreneur). Foreign companies are out of luck. While details like company structure, staff size, or financials aren’t deal-breakers, your core activities must strictly align with those listed in HTP Regulations. Don’t despair if your specific activity is missing – the Supervisory Board might grant special approval for innovative projects with a clear tech connection.

Submitting a complete package of documents to the HTP

Securing HTP residency requires a formal application following Resolution No. 403, accompanied by certified copies of your business formation documents, state registration certificate (bring originals for verification), and your meticulously crafted business plan. Additional documents like address change notification (if applicable), passport copies, manager contract, and appointment meeting minutes might be needed. While not mandatory, achievement-showcasing materials are welcome. Submit your application in person; the HTP will check it against their inventory and provide a confirmation copy. Remember, registration is free, but operates on a scheduled basis. 

Recruiting Belarus

We Provide All the Help You Need to Hire Staff

Building your dream tech team within the High-Tech Park (HTP) can be a complex process. We take the legwork out of hiring by streamlining the entire process specifically for HTP companies. Our experts will help you craft compelling job descriptions that resonate with top tech talent in Belarus, efficiently screen candidates with the specific skills and experience required for the HTP environment, and conduct insightful interviews to find the perfect fit for your open positions. We’ll also guide you through the legalities of onboarding new hires within the HTP framework, ensuring a smooth transition for both your company and your new team members. 

You Also Get a Full Range of Other HTP Services

Our expertise extends beyond just hiring. We offer a comprehensive suite of HTP services to support your company’s success within the park.  This includes navigating legal and tax regulations, ensuring compliance with HTP requirements, and assisting with accounting and financial reporting specific to the HTP ecosystem.  We’ll be your trusted partner throughout your HTP journey, empowering you to focus on innovation and growth.

Recruiting Minsk

IT Outsourcing

Looking for specialists to optimize business processes? We’re here to help.

Why Join the HTP? Unveiling the Arsenal of Advantages

Tax Haven for Tech Heroes

Tax Haven for Tech Heroes

Imagine significantly reduced income tax, complete exemption from VAT and offshore duties.  The HTP fosters financial freedom for your business to reinvest in growth and development.

Global Talent Pool at Your Doorstep

Global Talent Pool at Your Doorstep

Say goodbye to complex work permit processes for foreign employees.  The HTP streamlines recruitment, allowing you to tap into a global pool of top tech talent effortlessly.

Operational Efficiency, Amplified

Operational Efficiency, Amplified

Cut through red tape and bureaucratic hurdles.  The HTP simplifies foreign trade operations, freeing you to focus on what matters most – building a groundbreaking product.

Building Trust and Prestige

Building Trust and Prestige

Becoming an HTP resident is a badge of honor.  It signifies your company’s commitment to innovation and positions you as a reliable, low-risk partner in the eyes of investors, clients, and government bodies.

Our Process


We Get Your Request

We listen to your HTP goals and answer your questions to ensure a clear understanding of your vision.


Collaborative Planning

We work closely with you to gather necessary information and define a detailed HTP application strategy.


Setting the Stage

We establish a realistic timeline for each step, keeping you informed and on track throughout the HTP application process.


Crafting Your Success Story

Our experts develop a compelling business plan that meets HTP requirements and highlights your venture’s potential.


HTP Application Submission

We handle the HTP application submission process on your behalf, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


Tailored Support

We offer a comprehensive suite of additional services to address your specific needs and ensure your long-term success within the HTP.

You can hire other developers

Front-end developer in Belarus

Frontend Developers

Build beautiful, user-friendly interfaces that come alive on desktops and mobile devices.

Back-end developer in Belarus

Backend Developers

Craft the powerful engines for websites and applications, ensuring smooth functionality.

Full-stack developer in Belarus

Full-Stack Developers

Masters of both worlds, frontend and backend, to create cohesive and dynamic web experiences.

Android developer in Belarus

Android Developers

Bring your ideas to life on the world’s most popular mobile platform, Android. 

IOS developer

iOS Developers

Develop cutting-edge applications for iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices.

Xamarin Developers

Build cross-platform mobile apps that work seamlessly on Android and iOS using Xamarin.

Unity developer in Belarus

Unity Developers

Create immersive 2D and 3D games and experiences using the powerful Unity engine.

Техлид Беларусь

Tech Lead

Provide technical guidance, mentorship, and ensure the team delivers high-quality solutions.

Project Manager in Belarus

Project Manager

Keep projects on track, manage resources, and ensure successful project delivery.

Business Analyst in Belarus

Business Analysts

Bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions, defining project requirements.

Team Lead in Belarus

Team Lead

Motivate, inspire, and guide your development team towards achieving project goals.

QA automation in Belarus

QA Automation

Automate testing processes to ensure software quality and functionality.

QA tester in Belarus

QA Manual

Conduct meticulous manual testing to identify and resolve software defects.

Product owner in Belarus

Product Owner

Define product vision, roadmap, and ensure the product meets user needs.

Product manager in Belarus

Product Manager

Oversee the entire product lifecycle, from ideation to launch and beyond.

Scrum master in Belarus

Scrum Master

Facilitate agile development processes and ensure team adherence to Scrum methodologies.

UI/UX designer in Belarus

UI/UX Designer

Craft user interfaces that are both visually appealing and intuitive to use.


Why hire us

Trusted Recruitment Expertise

Trusted Recruitment Expertise

Our top-notch recruitment team has a proven track record of finding the perfect talent for your HTP needs.

Beyond Hiring

Beyond Hiring

We provide ongoing post-hiring support to ensure a smooth transition and long-term success for your new hires.

Tailored Pricing Solutions

Tailored Pricing Solutions

We offer flexible pricing options to fit your specific budget and project requirements.

HTP Navigation Experts

HTP Navigation Experts

Leverage our extensive experience with HTP regulations and procedures to navigate the process seamlessly.

Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of HTP-related services to support your business from start to finish.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Global Reach, Local Expertise

We source talent both locally and internationally, providing a diverse pool of qualified candidates.


What is High Tech Park?

The High-Tech Park (HTP) in Belarus is a dynamic hub for innovation and technological advancement. Imagine a special economic zone dedicated to fostering high-tech development. Companies operating within the HTP enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Tax breaks: Significantly reduced income tax, property tax, and VAT exemptions.
  • Simplified customs procedures: Streamlined import and export processes for equipment and technology.
  • Visa and work permit support: Simplified visa acquisition and work permit issuance for foreign employees.
  • Supportive infrastructure: Access to modern office spaces, high-speed internet, and a thriving tech community.
How to Become a HTP Resident?
  1. Assess Your Eligibility:
  • Matchmaker or Mismatch? Carefully review the core activities listed in Clause 3 of the HTP Regulations (Decree No. 12 of September 22, 2005). Does your company’s focus align with these areas? If so, you might be a perfect fit!
  1. Craft a Compelling Business Plan:
  • Showcase Your Potential: Think of your business plan as your elevator pitch to the HTP. Use Resolution No. 403 of March 27, 2006, as your blueprint to build a document that highlights your innovative project, market viability, and financial projections. While you can tackle this yourself, consider partnering with an HTP expert to ensure your plan shines.
  1. Gather Your Documentation:
  • No More Paper Chase Headaches: The HTP application requires a streamlined set of documents:
    • Your meticulously crafted business plan.
    • A formal application following Resolution No. 403 of March 27, 2006.
    • Certified copies of your company’s charter (or memorandum of association) and state registration certificate.
    • For activities involving digital tokens, be prepared for additional requirements set by the HTP Supervisory Board.
  1. Submit Your Application and Await the Decision:
  • The Final Hurdle: Submit your complete application package to the HTP Supervisory Board Secretariat. They’ll review your documents and make a recommendation to the Board. The Board will then evaluate the importance and potential impact of your project before issuing their final decision on granting HTP residency.

Let Us Help You Streamline Your Journey

Navigating the HTP residency process can seem daunting.  We offer expert guidance and support throughout every stage, from crafting a winning business plan to ensuring your application is complete and compelling.  Contact us today to unlock the door to the exciting world of the HTP!

Can a Foreign Company Become HTP Resident?

Foreign companies eager to tap into the HTP’s potential might feel locked out at first glance.  While the regulations state that only Belarusian legal entities can directly become HTP residents (Clause 3, HTP Regulations), fret not! There’s a strategic workaround:

Step 1: Establish a Local Branch

Think of it as setting up a home base within Belarus.  Following Decree No. 1 of January 16, 2009, you can establish a legal entity within the country. This newly formed entity will then become eligible to apply for HTP residency.

Step 2:  Gear Up for Residency

Once your local entity is established, it’s time to showcase its value.  Just like Belarusian companies, your local entity will need to comply with all HTP residency requirements. This includes crafting a compelling business plan aligned with the HTP’s focus areas and demonstrating a strong potential for innovation.

By successfully navigating this two-step process, you’ll unlock the same enticing benefits enjoyed by domestic HTP residents.  Reduced taxes, streamlined customs procedures, and a supportive tech ecosystem are just a few of the perks that await your innovative venture.

Why Invest in a Professional HTP Business Plan?

Sure, you could draft a business plan yourself. But when it comes to securing your HTP residency, a professional plan offers a strategic advantage:

  • Quality that Commands Attention:  Our team of experts crafts compelling business plans that meet the HTP’s rigorous standards. We understand what resonates with the authorities, ensuring your plan stands out from the crowd.
  • Reliability You Can Count On:  Our proven track record speaks for itself. We guarantee a high-quality plan that accurately reflects your innovative vision and strengthens your application.
  • Confidentiality: Your Secrets Are Safe:  We take data security seriously. Your confidential information is protected throughout the entire process, giving you peace of mind.
  • Navigating Approvals with Confidence: If needed, our specialists can work directly with the HTP authorities, addressing any questions or concerns that might arise during the approval process.
  • Support Every Step of the Way: We don’t abandon you after the plan is written. Our team provides ongoing support throughout the approval process, ensuring a smooth journey towards your HTP residency.

Think of a professional HTP business plan as an investment in your company’s future. It’s a powerful tool that increases your chances of success and unlocks the door to the HTP’s exciting opportunities.

What is the structure of the business project?
  1. Summary: A concise overview of your project’s key aspects, highlighting its goals, target market, and potential impact. 
  2. Legal Entity Characteristics: Details about your company, including its legal form, registration information, and management team. 
  3. Product/Service Description: A clear explanation of the goods or services your project will offer within the HTP framework. 
  4. Market Analysis: A breakdown of your target market, including its size, growth potential, and competitive landscape. 
  5. Financial Performance: A summary of your current financial health, focusing on key metrics like revenue, profitability, and growth trends. 
  6. Investment Plan: An outline of your funding needs, including the amount required, its intended use, and potential sources of investment. 
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility: Your commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, highlighting how your project benefits the community. 
  8. Legal Entity Passport: A standardized document summarizing your company’s essential legal information for official HTP records.

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