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We specialize in finding the perfect tech talent to fuel your company’s success.

Our HTP Recruitment Services

  • IT Recruitment
    Build your dream HTP team with our data-driven IT recruitment. We find the perfect tech talent to fuel your innovation.
  • IT Outstaffing
    Focus on core projects while we handle your IT staffing needs. Our HTP outstaffing provides flexible, cost-effective talent.
  • HR Consulting
    Navigate the complexities of HR with expert guidance. We provide comprehensive HR consulting for HTP companies.
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    Ensure accurate and timely financial management for your HTP business. We will streamline your operations.
  • Payroll
    We handle HTP payroll processing so you can focus on what matters most. We offer reliable payroll solutions.
  • PEO Services
    Simplify HR administration for your HTP company. acts as your Employer of Record, handling legal and administrative tasks.

Best Recruitment Solutions for HTP Success

Are you a High Technology Park (HTP) company on the cusp of groundbreaking innovation? Do you crave the exceptional tech talent needed to turn your ideas into reality? We understand the unique needs of HTP businesses, and we’re here to bridge the gap between your vision and the perfect team to achieve it.  

We don’t just source candidates – we source the best. Our extensive network and targeted approach unlock a global pool of elite tech talent eager to contribute to the cutting-edge work happening within the HTP.  Don’t settle for generic recruitment solutions. Partner with us and unlock your full potential for HTP innovation.

We are Top IT Recruiting Agency in Belarus

As the premier IT recruitment agency in Belarus, we have an unparalleled understanding of the High Technology Park ecosystem. Our team of seasoned professionals holds a deep knowledge of the specialized skill sets and qualifications sought after by HTP companies. This expertise, coupled with our extensive network and proven recruitment strategies, allows us to source and attract the most coveted tech talent in the region. Let us leverage our market dominance to fuel your HTP innovation and propel your business to the forefront of the tech industry.

Recruiting Belarus

Enjoy all Advantages of HTP

The competitive HTP landscape demands a streamlined hiring process. We eliminate the burden of sifting through countless resumes. Our pre-screening process ensures candidates possess the necessary skills and cultural fit for your innovative team. We leverage targeted sourcing strategies and industry expertise to attract top talent seeking the unique advantages of the HTP environment. This allows you to focus on groundbreaking ideas, while we deliver the perfect talent edge to propel your HTP success.

We Connect People and Companies 

Bridging the gap between talent and opportunity, our agency isn’t just about filling positions. We act as connectors, bringing together the exceptional tech minds (your future hires) with the innovative companies (our valued clients) shaping the HTP landscape. We don’t simply source candidates; we unlock the perfect talent fit to propel your HTP success.

We Offer EOR, Payroll and other Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline your operations and fuel innovation. This includes expert recruitment solutions that secure the perfect talent fit, EOR (Employer of Record) services that simplify legal and administrative burdens, and  streamlined payroll solutions  to ensure your team is paid accurately and on time.  Focus on groundbreaking ideas; we handle the recruitment, EOR, and payroll, empowering you to unlock the full potential of your HTP residency.

Recruiting Minsk

HR Consulting

Expert HR services tailored to your business needs.


What are the advantages of Hiring developers for a company in HTP?

Top Talent Pool

Top Talent Pool

The HTP attracts highly skilled developers due to its tax breaks and supportive environment. This gives you access to a wider range of exceptional talent compared to the general Belarusian market. 



Hiring within the HTP can be more cost-effective due to reduced payroll taxes for HTP resident companies. This allows you to attract top talent with competitive salaries while staying within budget.

Streamlined Onboarding

Streamlined Onboarding (your HTP recruitment partner!) can simplify onboarding with EOR (Employer of Record) services. This means less paperwork and legal hurdles for you, allowing you to focus on integrating your new developer quickly.

Focus on Innovation

Focus on Innovation

By streamlining recruitment and payroll, you free up valuable resources and time. This lets your developers focus on what they do best – creating innovative solutions and driving your company’s success.

HTP Ecosystem Advantage

HTP Ecosystem Advantage

Hiring developers within the HTP connects you to a vibrant tech community. This fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and potential partnerships within the ecosystem, further boosting your development capabilities.

How You Hire Top Professionals


We Get Your Requirements

We don’t just fill roles, we understand your HTP needs. We delve into your requirements to identify the perfect cultural and technical fit.


We’ll Choose Candidates

Our network and expertise ensure we source top HTP professionals perfectly aligned with your specific project needs.


Interview With Ease

Experience stress-free interviews. We pre-screen candidates and manage scheduling, allowing you to focus on top talent.


We Help with EOR & Payroll

Simplify onboarding with our EOR and payroll services. We handle legalities and ensure timely payments for your HTP team.


Hire with Confidence

Backed by our expertise, make informed hiring decisions. We provide comprehensive insights to empower your choice.


Enjoy Other Services

Our solutions extend beyond recruitment. We offer additional services to support your HTP success.

You Can Hire Top Professionals

Front-end developer in Belarus

Frontend Developers

Build stunning and user-friendly interfaces with our network of top HTP frontend developers.

Back-end developer in Belarus

Backend Developers

Craft robust and scalable backends with our skilled HTP backend developer solutions.

Full-stack developer in Belarus

Full-Stack Developers

Unite front-end and back-end expertise. Hire top HTP fullstack developers for seamless development.

Android developer in Belarus

Android Developers

Develop innovative Android apps with our HTP Android developer network.

IOS developer

iOS Developers

Build cutting-edge iOS apps with our team of talented HTP iOS developers.

Xamarin Developers

Leverage the power of Xamarin with our network of expert HTP Xamarin developers.

Unity developer in Belarus

Unity Developers

Bring your game development vision to life with our top HTP Unity developer solutions.

Техлид Беларусь

Tech Lead

Guide your HTP development team with our network of experienced and strategic Tech Leads.

Project Manager in Belarus

Project Manager

Ensure successful project delivery with our skilled HTP project managers.

Business Analyst in Belarus

Business Analysts

Bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions, defining project requirements.

Team Lead in Belarus

Team Lead

Empower your team with our network of exceptional HTP Team Leads.

QA automation in Belarus

QA Automation

Enhance quality assurance with our HTP QA automation specialists.

QA tester in Belarus

QA Manual

Deliver exceptional quality with our skilled HTP manual QA testers.

Product owner in Belarus

Product Owner

Drive product success with our network of experienced HTP Product Owners.

Product manager in Belarus

Product Manager

Develop winning products with our top HTP product managers.

Scrum master in Belarus

Scrum Master

Optimize your HTP development process with our skilled Scrum Masters.

UI/UX designer in Belarus

UI/UX Designer

Craft user-centric experiences with our network of talented HTP UI/UX designers.


Why Hire Us

We are HTP experts

We are HTP experts

Navigate the HTP ecosystem seamlessly with our deep understanding and proven track record.

We work both locally and International

We work both locally and International

Leverage our team’s local market knowledge combined with international recruitment expertise.

We understand your needs

We understand your needs

We don’t just fill roles, we understand your unique HTP requirements.

Fair & Transparent Pricing

Fair & Transparent Pricing

Focus on innovation, not recruitment costs. We offer clear and competitive pricing.

EOR in Belarus

EOR in Belarus

Streamline onboarding with our EOR and payroll solutions for your HTP team.

Payroll in Belarus

Payroll in Belarus

Ensure timely and accurate payments for your HTP team with our reliable payroll services.


What is HTP?

The High Technology Park (HTP) in Belarus is like a special zone for tech companies. It offers big tax breaks, making it cheaper to do business there.  The government actively supports the HTP, and there’s a whole community of tech companies there to share ideas and help each other grow. If you’re a tech company looking to save money, hire great people, and develop cutting-edge products, the HTP could be a great fit for you.

What are the advantages of HTP?

Instead of navigating complex regulations and high costs, HTP residents enjoy a simplified business environment that fuels innovation.

Taxes are significantly reduced, paperwork is minimized, and resources are readily available. That’s the HTP advantage. It allows companies to focus their energy on developing groundbreaking ideas, attracting top tech talent with competitive salaries, and ultimately achieving global success.  

The HTP fosters a collaborative atmosphere, where companies can connect, share ideas, and benefit from a supportive ecosystem. It’s a launchpad for tech companies to take their creations from concept to market, all within a framework that prioritizes innovation and growth.

Do you sign an NDA?

We understand the importance of confidentiality during the recruitment process. While we don’t require every candidate to sign an NDA, we do have measures in place to protect sensitive information:

  • Discretion: We treat all information you share with us with the utmost discretion.
  • Candidate Screening: We carefully screen candidates before sharing any confidential details about your company or projects.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): In certain cases, particularly when highly sensitive information is involved, we may recommend utilizing a non-disclosure agreement. We can help facilitate the creation and execution of such an NDA to ensure all parties involved are protected.
Do you offer Onboarding for developers in Belarus?

Absolutely, offers comprehensive onboarding support for developers joining your HTP company! We handle the entire process, working closely with you and your new developer to ensure a smooth transition. 

We complete necessary paperwork, process work permits and visas (if applicable), and set up payroll within the HTP framework.

We facilitate onboarding activities such as company orientation, role-specific training, and introductions to the team. This helps your new developer understand your company culture, project details, and expectations from the get-go.

We connect your developer with a mentor within your team or the HTP community to provide ongoing guidance and support during their initial integration.

Do you offer EOR services?

Sure. We handle all the legal and administrative burdens associated with onboarding new developers within the HTP framework. This includes work permits, visa processing, payroll setup, and tax compliance.

By acting as the Employer of Record, we take on the legal responsibilities associated with your HTP developer employees. This minimizes your administrative workload and potential risks associated with employment regulations.

We source, screen, and interview top developers within the HTP, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your team. With us you get ongoing support throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth and compliant experience.

Do you offer Payroll services?

Absolutely, offers seamless payroll services for your HTP developer team! We understand that managing payroll within the HTP can involve unique complexities.  

Our payroll services are designed specifically for companies operating within the HTP framework. We stay up-to-date on all HTP payroll regulations and tax requirements, ensuring your developers receive accurate and timely payments while complying with all legal obligations.

We also calculate deductions, generate payslips, and manage tax contributions. This frees up your valuable time and resources to focus on core business activities.

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