Hiring Full-stack Developers in Belarus

What is a full-stack developer?

Full-stack developers are experts in both the front (interface) and back ends. As such, they own the full stack of technologies that make up a website. They are proficient in the relevant languages and frameworks, as well as server, network, and hosting environments. To achieve this breadth and depth of knowledge, most full-stack developers have spent many years working in a wide variety of roles. They also tend to be well versed in both business logic and user experience, which means that they are not only well trained but can also guide and advise on strategy.

Many employers (especially agencies working with different types of sites) are looking for developers who know how to work on all parts of the site so that they can use the best tools for the job regardless of whether it is technically “front-end” or “back-end”. Consequently, responsibility implies a complete set of development tools.

What a full-stack developer should know and be able to do

A full-stack developer doesn’t write all the code for a website, as many might think.  They spend most of their time either in the external or internal code of the site.

A full-stack developer is a hybrid of the front-end and back-end developer roles. They contribute to all aspects of the web development process, from creating communication methods to programming server-side functions. All full-stack developers are well versed in client-side languages ​​(HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and at least one server-side programming language.

Such developers are not experts in every web technology – there are simply too many of them. Instead, they tend to focus on one particular type of shared stack. Examples of such technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Ideally, one or more third-party libraries, such as ReactJS or Angular.js.

Programming languages and libraries, such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Python. As well as experience with databases, version control, knowledge of security issues and best practices. Some knowledge of web or visual design and best user experience practices will be a huge plus.

How to find a good full-stack developer in Belarus

Here, in fact, there are only two options: try to find a specialist yourself, or turn to professionals, i.e. us!

How do we work? After agreeing on all the issues, we immediately, even before posting vacancies online, start looking for a suitable person in our own databases.  If there are no suitable candidates (this happens quite rarely), our employees start searching through all available resources (including LinkedIn).

After a candidate is found, we arrange an interview between the client and the developer. After that, if everything goes well, we help you onboard the candidate.

Average salary of a full-stack developer in Belarus

The average salary of a full-stack developer in Belarus is from $1200 to $6000. But one should understand that the figure will depend on the experience and skills of the developer. In our experience, there were also cases when the client was ready to agree on the salary suggested by the candidate, if, of course, the latter was up to par.

Salary research in Belarus

Our firm is involved in preparation of Salary Survey on a yearly basis. Follow this page to get more information about it.

Where full-stack developers are trained in Belarus

As with the front-end and back-end developers, there are many options: online courses, courses in well-known IT companies, classic education. Usually, a full-stack developer is a person with experience, so, as a rule, a full-stack developer comes to work already experienced. Very often they (before working as a full-stack developer) worked in the positions of front-end and back-end developers. 

English knowledge requirement for a full-stack developer

Obviously, for a full-stack developer, knowledge of English is an important component. To date, it is difficult to be a full-stack developer without knowing English, because, as a rule, it is impossible to study the front and back ends without it. 

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