IT Outsourcing

Technological innovations in your hands

We offer comprehensive IT outsourcing to develop and optimize your business processes effectively.

Our technology stack

  • Backend
    Provides server-side functionality and processing. Various programming languages, databases, and frameworks are used for this purpose.
  • Frontend
    Responsible for user interface and user interaction on the client side.
  • Mobile
    Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android systems.
  • Game
    Create games for various platforms, including computers, consoles, and mobile devices. This involves the use of different game engines, programming languages, and graphic libraries.
  • Design
    The development of user interface designs and user experiences. This includes the creation of layout designs, prototypes, graphic designs, and animations.
  • Blockchain
    Development and implementation of decentralized applications, smart contracts and blockchain technologies.

IT outsourcing

This is a collaboration that aims to outsource your IT infrastructure maintenance when it becomes impossible or too expensive for your business to handle this task internally.

Our IT outsourcing services offer a wide range of professional IT solutions, provided by our team of experts in various fields. From computer and server maintenance to programming and 1C Enterprise updates, we have the expertise to meet your needs. We guarantee data security, 24/7 support, and a prompt response to any issues you may encounter.

Development and integration

Development and integration is the process of creating and applying innovative technological solutions to increase a company’s efficiency. These solutions may involve software development, the implementation of new information systems, and the automation of business processes. 

Key steps in solution development and implementation include analyzing business needs, selecting appropriate technologies and development tools, and prototyping and testing solutions before final implementation.

Recruiting Belarus

Expanded access to the pool of IT specialists

Enhanced access to resources for recruiting specialists is important for effective HR management in IT. We offer a convenient and efficient service that allows you to quickly search for qualified professionals in various fields. This service significantly streamlines the hiring process, saving both time and effort. With diverse pool of candidates and user-friendly search filters, employers can quickly find the perfect match for their projects.

Recruiting Minsk

IOS developer

Looking for a top IOS developer to make innovations? We’re here to help.

Advantages of IT Outsourcing

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Skilled IT professionals incur significant costs for hiring, training, and providing them with jobs. Outsourcing allows you to save on these costs by transferring some functions to external professionals.

Business Scalability

Business Scalability

As the business expands, there is a requirement to enhance the IT infrastructure. By outsourcing, it is possible to scale operational resources in full alignment with the specific needs of the business without the need for hiring additional staff.

Flexibility and Risk Minimisation

Flexibility and Risk Minimisation

Outsourcing provides a flexible solution for adapting your IT team to the changing business needs. It also helps reduce the risks associated with maintaining staff when business activity declines or technological requirements change.

Cost Optimisation

Cost Optimisation

Partnering with external IT experts can help to optimise your information technology spending. You will only be charged for the specific services provided, without the need to incur additional costs for training or equipment.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

With outsourcing, you gain access to a pool of highly skilled professionals who specialize in various IT areas. This enables to assemble a dedicated team that can efficiently address your business challenges, manage IT infrastructure, and ensure smooth operations.

The Process of Resource-Based IT Outsourcing


Receiving Requests

We receive requests in which clients specify IT services or specialists required.


Finding IT Professionals and teams

We can assist in finding qualified IT experts or building a team based on the specific needs.



After selecting suitable specialists or teams, we formalize contracts and approve the terms of cooperation with specialists.


Accounting Calculations

We ensure financial transparency and execute all accounting documents related to the provision of services.


Reports for Clients

We provide clients with regular reports on services rendered, work performed and their effectiveness.


Expansion or Replacement of staff

If necessary, we can help clients expand their team with specialists or replace existing employees according to their requirements.

Advantages of Cooperation

An Extensive Network of partners

An Extensive Network of partners

You can find the optimal solution for various tasks, including software development and infosystems support.



Our characteristic features are prompt responses to requests and the highest task fulfillment speed.



We pay attention to both the technical aspects of the issue and the communication with our customers, promptly resolving problems and ensuring their high level of satisfaction.



Our specialists have experience in various spheres of technologies, from software development to information system administration.



We have formed a team of experienced specialists. This makes it possible to create high-quality products and provide a wide range of services in the field of information technology.

Risk mitigation

Risk mitigation

Our approach and proven methods of work reduce the risks of a failed project and increase the probability of success and effectiveness.


How to choose an IT outsourcing specialist in Belarus?

Clearly define your needs, analyze the market, assess experience and competencies, establish communication, evaluate prices, conduct an interview, and decide.

Where to find reliable IT outsourcing reviews in Belarus?

Search on specialized web sources, refer to recommendations from the community, look at reviews on freelancer platforms, and contact potential candidates directly to get quotes.

IT Outsourcing Vs IT Outstaffing?

IT outsourcing involves outsourcing the performance of specific IT services to an external vendor, while IT outstaffing involves temporarily bringing IT professionals on board to perform specific projects.

What services do we perform as part of IT outsourcing?

We provide a wide range of IT services, including software development, technical support, cloud solutions, and information security.

What can and cannot be outsourced?

We can perform the widest range of IT services, but restrictions may depend on legislation, technical capabilities, and information confidentiality.

How to choose a reliable partner?

Define your requirements, thoroughly select, assess experience and reputation, and set clear cooperation and performance monitoring terms.

What to give to the contractor and what to leave to yourself?

Outsource the functions in which the contractor has expertise and experience, but leave the strategic decisions and project management to your company.

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