Features of the Registration of Employees for Distribution in an IT company

The keys to business success in information technology are the orientation of the employees’ work, professional development, and a comfortable atmosphere in the team. However, working with IT personnel in Belarus may cause difficulties in compliance with the legislation. This article considers the main features of registering employees who enter an IT company.

How a company can “receive” a distribution employee

Most often, educational institutions distribute graduates about 2 months before graduation. Therefore, the IT company can take care in advance to “receive” yesterday’s students by distribution. How to receive such an employee:

  1. An IT company can assign an employee who, for example, has already interned at the company during his studies or completed a mandatory internship. To do this, the head of the company prepares a letter to a university or college on behalf of the company, in which he guarantees the hiring of a student and asks to assign him to a specific position in the company. The letter also indicates the amount of the monthly salary of a specialist in this position.
  2. Another way is to cooperate with an educational institution. Based on the company’s application, young specialists are assigned to it. You must also specify the job titles and monthly salaries in the application. If the company loses the opportunity to employ graduates, it is necessary to inform the educational institution 2 months before the start of the distribution.
  3. When the IT company agreed to pay for the student’s tuition, it undertook to hire him for a distribution job. In this case, the period of mandatory distribution work is determined in such an agreement.

Registration of employees for distribution in an IT company in Belarus

How to find out that an employee has arrived at work on an assignment

A graduate of an educational institution, while issuing a diploma of education, is issued a certificate of employment based on a letter from the company or an application. The certificate contains certain mandatory information. This includes, in particular, the name of the educational institution where the specialist studied, at the expense of which funds he studied (budget or his own), the name of the company where he is assigned, the title of the position and the amount of the monthly official salary. The certificate also indicates the time of arrival and the period of mandatory work on the distribution. Currently, the period of compulsory work on assignments after graduation from higher education institutions is 2 years, and after college – 1 year.

The information that the employer fills in is part of the certificate. This completed part must be returned to the educational institution within a month after an employment contract has been concluded with the young specialist. This is a confirmation of the certificate. In it, they write the date of hiring a specialist, the position, and the date of his arrival at the company. The head of the company signs this information. The company sends this document by registered mail with a return delivery notification.

Who is a “young specialist”?

An employee sent by an institution to work on an assignment has the status of a young specialist during the period of mandatory work, which gives him a number of rights and obligations to himself and to the IT company to which he is sent. At the request of a young specialist, the period of compulsory military service under conscription, under contract, and the period of parental leave until he reaches the age of three years can be counted in the period of compulsory work.

If an IT company employs a graduate of an educational institution who presents a Certificate of self-employment, such an employee is not assigned by assignment and does not have the status of a young specialist.

What documents should be asked for from a young specialist who arrived at the distribution

A young specialist who brought a certificate of employment should be asked to apply for a job:

  • A passport.
  • For those who are liable for military service, a military ID card.
  • Diploma of education.

It is impossible to refuse employment without grounds to specialists assigned to work by a state educational institution. When there are grounds for refusing to hire a young specialist, he must be given a written refusal of employment within three working days from the date of his arrival at the company, which specifies why he cannot be hired.

They hire a young specialist on the date following the date of his arrival at the distribution.

What documents does an IT company issue for a young specialist?

For an employee whose IT company is the first place of work, you need to issue a work record and an insurance certificate with a social security number. 

After hiring a young specialist, a PU-1 or PU-2 form is filled out and transferred to the Social Protection Fund.

How to calculate the period of mandatory work on the distribution

The period of mandatory work on the distribution is considered from the date of admission of a specialist to work on the distribution.

When a graduate is hired before receiving a certificate of employment, the period of mandatory work begins on the date the certificate of employment is issued.

Compulsory distribution and urgent service 

When a graduate is called up for military service before the deadline for arrival at the company, he must notify the employer himself. In this case, he must also inform the employer in writing 2 months before the end of military service about his intention to find a job after graduation (or that he does not intend to work in this company).

If a young specialist managed to work on an assignment before being drafted, he has the right to return to his previous job within three months after the end of the service. 

What kind of employment contract should I sign with a young specialist?

  1. An employment contract for an indefinite period.
  2. For a certain period of no more than 5 years, it is possible to conclude a contract only in cases when it is impossible to establish an employment relationship for a certain period. It is possible in the case of mandatory distribution to an IT company. Then, you will have to sign several employment contracts during compulsory work.

A contract is a type of fixed-term employment contract. It can be contracted to perform work that is of a permanent nature. As a rule, the contract term with a young specialist is set for the period of mandatory working out. The maximum term of the contract is 5 years, and the minimum is 1 year.

An employment contract is concluded in writing in two copies, numbered and signed on each page by both the employer and the employee.

An employment order is issued after signing an employment contract with a young specialist.

What is forbidden to do with a young specialist

You can not set a preliminary probation period when hiring a young specialist and transfer him during mandatory work-off to a job that is not related to his qualifications.

How the employer communicate with the educational institution

In addition to sending a confirmation of employment to an educational institution, it is necessary to inform the educational institution in writing every year by November 30:

  1. About mandatory training by a young specialist.
  2. About the end of compulsory work and further employment.

Payments to young professionals

The employer pays the young specialist monetary assistance in the amount of a monthly scholarship awarded to them in the last semester before graduation. If a scholarship has not been awarded, assistance is paid in the amount of a social scholarship on the graduation date. A certificate from an educational institution determines the amount of the scholarship.

If a graduate moves by assignment to another locality, he is compensated for the move.

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