Recruiting a Team Lead in Belarus

What is a Team Lead?

A Team Lead is a role that implies not only a deep understanding of the technical side of the project, but also team management. Such a person also plays a key role in the project. They mostly solve problems and deal with the issues of team members, thereby contributing to the growth of the project. They act as a shield - protecting their team from managers and customers, allowing the team to stay focused and motivated. A Team Lead is a kind of bridge between the management and the development team, and vice versa. In addition, they are responsible for monitoring the team's activities, reporting on time and controlling the stages of project development, in addition to, of course, solving technical problems.

The difference between the Senior role and the Team Lead role is that the latter is specifically the managing role. This implies process control, but not the execution process, which is the responsibility of the developers. However, it is still a technical role, and a true Team Lead must have a deep understanding of the technical decisions made by their team. Moreover, if the team see the Lead only as a manager, then trust quickly dries up, but if they can learn something from their Lead, it radically changes things. 

This role is usually assumed by developers who feel more responsible for the fate of the product being developed than anyone else. They often show excessive responsibility, which is very important for management.

What a Team Lead should know and be able to do

It is very important, in addition to managerial skills, for a true Team Lead to have technical ones. This is mostly development experience. Knowledge of the languages and frameworks necessary for the project. 

A true Team Lead is one step above the average manager, bringing into their life the motivation and understanding of their role,  which not everyone is able to use. Not every manager will be able to understand the technical part of the project.

Communication. This is a key component of the team's success. When working with people based across the country or abroad, it is important to communicate effectively so that everyone is on the same page. The ability to listen to the different needs and points of view of the team is very important. A good Team Lead will understand their team 100%. It is necessary to motivate and use the strengths of the team members. When assigning tasks or providing feedback, it is important that developers know that their input and time is valued.

It is important to understand that actions within a team can hinder the achievement of the organization's goal, leading to the late completion of certain initiatives or making the group seem unprofessional to managers and partners.

It will also be very important for this kind of specialist to have skills such as flexibility and innovation. When resources are scarce or the team is incomplete, emergencies occur. The ability to find the right solution and set the right priorities will be very much needed here. 

Average salary of Team Lead in Belarus

The average salary of a Team Lead in Belarus ranges from $900 to $7,000. But one should understand that the figure will depend on the experience and skills of the developer. In our experience, there were also cases when the client was ready to agree on the salary suggested by the candidate, if, of course, the latter was up to par.

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