Recruiting a Product Owner in Belarus

What is a Product Owner?

Today, many products are developed using the Scrum methodology. Product Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master - and these teams positions have appeared since the introduction of the Scrum methodology into product development. It has greatly improved and accelerated all processes. Often people do not quite understand the difference between a Product Manager and a Product Owner. Many think they are the same thing, however, this is not quite true.

Indeed, a Product Owner can perform some Manager functions, just like a Product Manager can perform the functions of an Owner. However, it is not always 100% beneficial for the product. A Product Owner can be a small product manager. They will communicate with stakeholders, do market research, hold meetings with development, marketing and design teams to set goals and track processes. An expert with the right skills could handle two roles. A manager would not be able to perform the functions of both experts, or if they would, then not as well.  In this situation, the roles should be split. Leave it to the Product Manager to manage teams, assign tasks, etc. The Product Owner will set more global goals, communicate with stakeholders, monitor the development process with the Product Manager, and so on. Ultimately, it all depends on the company and the tasks that it faces.

What should a Product Owner know and be able to do?

First and foremost, a Product Owner must have great communication skills. They perform the role of a kind of "bridge". Able to listen to and understand the interests of the client side as well as the development teams. A Product Owner identifies business opportunities and communicates with technical specialists to create meaningful products. That's where one would need the skills of speaking different languages, right? The business language and the technical language are very different in their specificity. More often than not, everything comes with experience, so it is unlikely that such a responsibility will be entrusted to a young specialist. 

Decision making: a Product Owner must be ready to make decisions with or without data. Most often in a very tight timeframe. After all, time is of great importance.

Focus: to achieve something meaningful, Product Owners must be able to focus on what matters most and say no to anything that distracts them from their goals. The ability to filter information is very useful here, then comes the formulation of the problem and cooperation with the teams to solve them.

A clear view of the result and its evaluation. A good Product Owner understands the end result, otherwise they cannot be sure that they are maximizing the value for the business and customers. 

Average salary of a Product Owner in Belarus

The average salary of a Product Owner in Belarus ranges from $1,000 to $6,000. But one should understand that the figure will depend on the experience and skills of the PO. 

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