Outstaffing/payroll services/EOR in Belarus

Our company provides outstaffing/EOR services in the field of IT and in other areas of the economy for the companies in the Republic of Belarus. 

Outstaffing (payroll services)/EOR as a type of labor relationship has not yet become as widespread in Belarus as in the Western world (where the economic crisis contributed to the spread of payroll services). The outstaffing process involves employee hiring for temporary work on the territory of the customer. Salary, tax payments are provided by a third-party organization that provides outstaffing services and employs the workforce, in our case.

The Need for IT Outstaffing/EOR in IT

IT employees outstaffing is applicable in case a company does not have a suitable employee (or there is no way to bring one), but there is a short-term project where specific skills are required. Other reasons can be:

IT outstaffing is a source for a company to start their operation in another country (including commercial activities) long before they carry out legal registration of the company. Also, thanks to IT outstaffing, a company is able to reduce personnel and accounting costs or other regular expenses.

Benefits of IT Outstaffing/EOR for Business

Since full-time employees do not always have the necessary skills, or have a relatively low level of qualification, which limits their ability to take some of the challenges occurring, at some point it may be reasonable to hire highly qualified temporary specialists. Also, our customer company does not always have the opportunity to upgrade the skills of its employees (since this is a significant financial and time expense), or to search for personnel by their own means. Reduced load on the personnel department is another advantage, since part of its workload is removed. This is a burning issue for companies and enterprises with many branches, or geographically distributed structure. Moreover, this reduces risks; the customer will receive the service needed in full, without disrupting the schedule for launching new projects. Among other benefits are:

  1. Improving the investment attractiveness of the company. Since highly qualified employees are quite expensive for the company, having withdrawn them from regular staff, the company increases its own income per one full-time unit.
  2. Improving the efficiency of the entire IT structure. There is an opportunity to control and plan expenses, there are no overstated costs at the stage of launching new projects and introducing innovative solutions.
  3. Continuous availability of services. Unlike outsourcing, specialists who are engaged under the terms of an outstaffing contract are constantly at the workplace in the customer company. This means that there are no problems occurring with the maintenance of IT services.

IT outstaffing/EOR as a service is provided on a contractual basis, enlisting the rights and obligations of the parties (validity of the service, from one month or more). The customer receives employees who are officially registered, highly qualified and ready to take the job immediately. Tax and social contributions are made by the employer of record, who is also responsible for compliance with applicable laws and quality control. When outstaffing in Minsk, the customer has a choice: the personnel selection can be carried out both by the customer and our company.