Features and advantages of joining HTP in Belarus

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Advantages of joining HTP

Easy Hiring

Easy Hiring

Hiring employees is not a problem anymore. You do not need to obtain a work permit. Just inform the migration authorities.

Fixed Taxation

Fixed Taxation

Simplification of taxation by eliminating the need to pay several taxes or do it at a fixed rate.

Salary Taxes

Salary Taxes

Reduction of salary taxes. Exemption from income tax or reduction of the tax rate from 18% to 9%.

Cryptocurrencies Taxes

Cryptocurrencies Taxes

Preferential taxation with cryptocurrencies. Any income from tokens is exempt from taxes until 2025.

No Need Work Permit

No Need Work Permit

Simplified migration and visa issues (foreigners do not need to obtain a work permit, visa-free entry, etc.).

Simple Reporting

Simple Reporting

Significant simplification of the company’s reporting and document flow after it receives resident status.

What is HTP?

Hi-Tech Park is a specially created legal regime established to improve the conditions for developing the IT industry in Belarus, boost investments, and create a digital economy.

After joining the HTP, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs receive a systematic set of benefits. Residents are exempt from any corporate and some other taxes.

Building big teams with HTP

Need to build a development team in Belarus? We will help you to find and hire, ensuring compliance. Our company provides services related to job search and recruitment in Belarus.

With our help, you can create a team of professionals to develop your business and make this process effective. We take care of taxes, benefits, wages, and compliance with all the requirements of the Belarusian Labor Code.

Recruiting Belarus

Reduce staff costs with HTP

Reduce staff costs to optimize your company’s expenses. After joining HTP, we will help you cut personnel costs, allowing your company to increase profits and bring your business to a higher level.

We select candidates according to your needs and ongoing projects. You will receive your first resume within a few days after the contract conclusion.

EOR services

If your organization does not have a legal entity in Belarus, you can use EOR services. It doesn’t matter if you’re a large international organization or startup.

By outsourcing, you can take advantages such as a quick start, cost minimization, round-the-clock support, and employee onboarding. After discussing the terms of cooperation, we calculate the costs and sign the contract.

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HR consulting

Want to grow in IT in Belarus? We can help.

How to join HTP?


Make sure that the type of work you do  is in the appropriate list for residents.


Make and issue a decision on joining by the general meeting of participants or in another order.


Draw up a business plan, based on the results of which a decision will be made on the possibility of joining.


Prepare the necessary documents for registration: an application for membership, a business project, and copies of existing constituent documents.


Submit the registration documents to the HTP and wait for a decision on your application.


If you receive a positive decision, sign a contract and start working in a new status.

You can hire developers

Front-end developer in Belarus

Frontend Developers

Developers specialise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create simple and user-friendly interfaces for applications.

Back-end developer in Belarus

Backend Developers

Experts with strong knowledge in server-side and database development and API integration for  smooth operation of the application in any conditions.

Full-stack developer in Belarus

Full-Stack Developers

Developers with experience in the server and front-end parts of the application are comprehensively oriented in software.

Android developer in Belarus

Android Developers

Specialists create productive applications for a wide Android audience in order to introduce new opportunities for users of mobile devices.

IOS developer

iOS Developers

The focus is on Swift and Objective-C for the development of iOS applications for the Apple ecosystem to expand the functionality.

Tech Lead in Belarus

Tech Lead

Competent managers of development teams with technical expertise, able to select the stack and control possible risks.

Project Manager in Belarus

Project Manager

The head responsible for organising work on the project, including market research, communication with customers and the team.

Business Analyst in Belarus

Business Analyst

The expert competent in collecting and analysing information, planning the creation and development of software and project requirements.

Team Lead in Belarus

Team Lead

The leader with extensive experience in app development, with managerial and mentoring skills to improve the team.

QA tester in Belarus


A member of the development team responsible for ensuring product quality and compliance with requirements.

Product owner in Belarus

Product Owner

The expert with comprehensive information about the software produced, responsible for achieving business goals and the final result.

Product manager in Belarus

Product Manager

The manager responsible for identifying customer needs and business goals and achieving them through product development.

UI/UX designer in Belarus

UI/UX Designer

The designer who thinks through and creates an aesthetic interface that will be convenient and attractive to the end user.


How can we help?

We provide HTP recruiting services and find employees, considering the needs and peculiarities of the company’s work.

We help to calculate the salary of employees of the HTP resident organization and its accrual.

We provide professional assistance in joining the High Technology Park in Belarus and prepare the necessary documentation.

We help to create a business project and present your company’s work prospects.

We provide the services of the HTP management organization and help expand the export of your goods and services worldwide.

We help liquidate the HTP company or solve other related problems.


HTP in Belarus – what is it?

HTP – is the tax and legal regime aimed to develop IT business and IT education in Belarus and promote startups. Sole proprietors and companies that have joined the HTP can use preferences such as exemption from a number of taxes, simplifying the taxation, hiring process, and optimising document flow. Introducing this particular regime in Belarus has ensured a quantitative and qualitative improvement in the state of the IT sector.

How to hire employees in Belarus?

The process of hiring foreign specialists by a company to work in the IT sector in Belarus depends on whether it has HTP status. If such a status exists, the organisation must notify the migration and citizenship authorities within three days (working days) from the moment of concluding an employment contract with the employee. If they do not have a resident status, a work permit is required to hire a foreigner.

How to pay salaries in Belarus?

The employer must pay employees salaries in the amounts and terms established by law, agreement, labour or collective agreement. Salaries are paid to employees at least twice a month unless a different frequency is specified in the contract. Payments are made on certain days of the month.

What types of activities are allowed?

HTP residents have access to 40 activities related to developing mobile applications and games, banking software, and software solutions for agriculture, healthcare, finance, and other fields. Other available activities include mining, educational IT activities, and work in esports.

Services of the HTP management organization

A management company is a structure in HTP that ensures its current, strategic, and organizational development. Its activities aim to promote the expansion of residents’ exports of services and goods and organise events held to attract foreign investment. The management company receives data from government agencies on residents’ business projects and the results of their work and sends proposals to the Supervisory Board on the further development of HTP.

Cryptocurrency and HTP in Belarus

HTP residents can use cryptocurrency to receive payment for their services and goods. Optimal conditions have also been created for them to mine cryptocurrencies. Individuals can mine cryptocurrency in Belarus without restrictions. They should not pay taxes on profits from this activity since crypto assets are not recognized as taxable objects in the country. Among legal entities, only HTP residents can engage in cryptocurrency mining.

What benefits can you expect after joining HTP?

HTP residents are provided with tax preferences: exemption from VAT and income tax or a reduction in the rate from 18 to 9%, a decrease in the number of contributions to the Federal Tax Service, partial exemption from payment of offshore fees and income tax on foreign companies. They can also use certain legal benefits and other preferences, such as simplification of document management.

Who accepts HTP residents?

HTP has its management bodies. The applicant submits the application for admission together with the package of documents to the HTP administration. If the administration considers it appropriate to join, it submits the documents to the Supervisory Board, which makes the final decision. The maximum period for considering the submitted application is one month. The review period may be extended by ten days if additional examination is necessary.

Why can they exclude residents?

You can lose the status of a resident for the following reasons:

  • At your request;
  • If you refuse to sign a resident’s contract;
  • In case of non-fulfilment of the terms of this agreement;
  • If the company does not implement the business project submitted by it to the administration;
  • If the organization has been liquidated or reorganized (merger, division).
  • Deprivation of a resident’s status is an extreme me

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