Recruitment of IT Specialists in FoodTech Belarus

Foodtech, short for “food technology”, is a relatively new but dynamically developing area in the IT industry. This area has already gained significant popularity and occupies about 60% of the market. FoodTech companies focus on food delivery from stores and restaurants, so competition among projects and specialists has reached a reasonably high level.

However, Foodtech is not just about food delivery. It is a multi-format space covering various concepts in the food sector, from agriculture to consumer technology.

Recruitment of IT specialists in FoodTech Belarus

Destinations in high demand in Belarus

  1. Catering: Modern technologies such as restaurant Operations Management Systems are being implemented to automate orders, inventory and personnel management. Innovations such as POS (Point of Sale) systems are now not only simplifying order processing but also providing analytical data for making decisions to improve and adapt the business.
  2. Delivery: The development of digital markets and delivery platforms helps to reduce costs and optimise logistics. Blockchain technology allows for transparency and security in the supply chain.
  3. Agrotech: IoT sensors placed on farms and beyond collect data on soil moisture, yield levels and weather forecasts, which are then analysed using machine learning to predict and improve the efficiency of cultivation and harvesting processes.
  4. Biotech: The application of biotechnologies, for example, for the synthesis of alternative proteins and meat products, requires intensive work in the fields of genetics, bioinformatics and bioengineering.
  5. Consumer technologies: The development of mobile applications and platforms for ordering food and the integration of artificial intelligence systems for personalised recommendations and order management have been the fundamental achievements of this area for several years.

Not all project options that are gaining momentum and are of interest to companies are listed above. All these areas combine technologies, and in FoodTech in Belarus, they are constantly reaching new levels.

They are widely used, including: 

  1. Drones for food delivery, monitoring of fields and agricultural lands, as well as for quality control and crop condition.
  2. IoT (Internet of Things). For example, sensors installed in storage, refrigerators and transport ensure the monitoring of food storage conditions and logistics optimisation.
  3. Artificial intelligence predicts demand, manages inventory, personalises offers, and automates production processes.

These technologies are fundamentally transforming the industry, increasing the efficiency and quality of processes and meeting the needs of the user. Rapid development opens up many prospects for both business and information technology professionals.

What kind of professionals are in demand in FoodTech?

  • JavaScript Developer: Is necessary to create interactive web and mobile applications that provide a reliable and intuitive user experience.
  • UI/UX Designer: Is responsible for developing user interfaces and interactions that combine attractive design and ease of use.
  • React developer: Specialises in developing interface components using the React.js library, providing web application performance.
  • Project Manager: Responsible for the planning, management and control of projects related to the introduction of technologies in the field of food in order to ensure compliance with customer requirements.
  • Data Analyst: Collects, analyses and interprets data from sources to identify trends, forecast demand and optimise business processes.

Our experience has the knowledge and experience of hiring specialists of different levels and profiles. Thus, we were lucky to cooperate with two FoodTech companies. 

For one large company, we acted as consultants, which helped to adjust the recruitment process and, therefore, make it faster and more efficient. Our recruiters have achieved this by prioritising requirements and expanding the search area, including candidates from other countries. In addition, we provided our knowledge about the specifics of the sites for the search for specialists, which brought its results in the form of a resume of highly specialised professionals with extensive experience.

The second project is a startup that is just planning to appear on the market. For it, we were looking for qualified and motivated experts ready to look for new ways to solve emerging problems. The agency’s recruiters picked up several programmers, a business analyst and a tester in a short time. We are continuing our cooperation and are finding candidates who will help the company to make itself known in the market.

Using our extensive network and in-depth experience, we will help you find candidates who perfectly match your needs. More than 1,500 candidates in our database are ready to consider new offers.

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