How to make a CV for a job in Belarus

Finding a job is a responsible process, consisting of several stages: writing a resume, having an interview, probation, and getting a job. Today we will get acquainted with the first stage and tell you how to write a good resume to gain attention of employers.

What should be stated on the resume?

All modern companies are looking for a future employee based on a resume on the Internet. So, what should be on a resume to get hired?


Education is an essential point of your resume. It is important to indicate your university, degree and specialization. In most cases, mentioning the courses and training you have taken will help you if the knowledge you have acquired is related to your future work. But it is necessary to indicate any education received, so the employer will be able to create a full portrait of you as a specialist.

Knowledge of foreign languages is a big plus in the resume. Do not overestimate your level of language proficiency, as your knowledge can be tested during an interview. It is better to indicate your real level and back it up with certificates.

Work experience

Work experience is one of the most important parts of a resume. Do not ignore this point in any way. Your first career steps tell little about your current level, so it is better to focus on the latest projects that you worked on. The employer is most interested in the last three years of your work.

If you are a graduate, tell about educational projects, if you radically change your field of professional activity, give a short description of your previous work.

If there are gaps in the experience, be ready to explain reason and tell how you used this time for professional growth. Long gaps between jobs put the employer on guard. Taking care of a small child, starting a business, or working as a freelancer are understandable reasons for interruptions in seniority.

Professional skills

A very important point is professional skills. It is from him that the recruiter learns what you can do, in which programs you can work, and so on. But if you do not know what to write, skip it avoid cliché in your resume. And do not write off from competitors, write about what you can do.


Many people mistakenly think this is an unimportant part and skip this point. Remember that good photography can make a resume stand out and is also a great way to be remembered. But it works in the opposite direction too: a bad photo can influence on your resume the way you have not expected.

Look for a frame where the face is clearly visible and you calmly look into the camera. If there is no suitable photo, ask someone to take a photo. Best of all – on a light solid background. If you wear glasses, choose a shot where they don’t glare.

Vacation photos, weddings, selfies and other non-business photos are better not to use. If you want your employer to rate you highly, act like a highly paid professional with an appropriate photo.

Contact information

Leave correct phone numbers and email addresses. The latter are best made up of a combination of your first and last name. Make sure that you have written your contact information in the cover letter too.

Links to your pages in social networks can be mentioned only if they can demonstrate your professional skills: for example, when the work is related to maintaining social networks, Internet promotion etc. The recruiter doesn’t need to see your fishing, bar, and vacation photos.

Additional information

Additionally, we can say about the absence of bad habits, especially if there is such a requirement in the job description or the job implies concentration.

Additional information should give an impetus to take you to work – focus on the advantages of working with you and always use the rule: indicate only the information necessary for the desired vacancy, in addition to the standard one.

Letters of recommendation and certificates

It is a good idea to ask your boss from the previous work for a letter of recommendation. What is it? A letter of recommendation is an employer’s review of you as a specialist and a colleague. At first glance, a future employer cannot always determine which specialist is in front of him, but after a letter of recommendation, he can look at you in another way. A letter of recommendation can be written not only by the director, but also by another employee who is competent in matters of your qualifications.


The goal of the portfolio and its content: photos, publications, video and audio fragments to show the employer what you are capable of. This is an optional item in most professions, but you shouldn’t neglect it. If you get a job as a designer, graphic editor or copywriter, it is must-have. It is enough to attach a few links to the websites where your work is published.

Motivation letter

A motivation letter is a small essay on the topic “Why I want to get this job and why I am the ideal candidate”, which is sent along with the package of documents for the dream job. A motivation letter can be from 1 to 2 sheets of A4 format. It is not only an important part of the selection of candidates, but further questions in an interview will be asked according to you motivation letter.

Cover letter

Cover letter – an explanatory letter to the resume to be sent to the company. This is an important document for the first stage in the selection of candidates for a resume. It is a quick introduction to why you deserve this position. Think of the structure of the cover letter yourself: if this is a creative job, then humor and creativity will be welcomed; if it is an office job, then it is better to write a letter in a formal business style. This is an optional step, but it greatly increases the chances of getting the desired position, as it shows your ambition.

CV volume

When reviewing a resume, a recruiter spends less than 30 seconds on each resume, so it’s important to include the most relevant information. The resume should be neat and beautiful. The optimal volume will be 1-2 pages of relevant information.

Applications and services for creating a resume

Easelly is the perfect resume resource. You are given the opportunity to use ready–made templates or create a resume from scratch. You can use individual elements and change them to your liking.

VisualCV. When creating a resume, the what–you–see–is–what–you–get interface of the VisualCV service will help you make your CV as high–quality as possible. Here you can put together a highly professional and convincing resume in just a few minutes. To do this, you need to choose one of the many templates or start from a blank page if you like. Then you can add text boxes, forms and images as needed. The process of editing text and moving objects around the page is very simple and intuitive. When you are happy with the resume, you can export it as PDF or get a link to it.

Canva is a popular and simple graphics application. There you will find templates for specific professional areas: law, medicine, design, information technology, and others.

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