Hiring a CTO in a Product IT Company: What to Pay Attention to

The role of the CTO (Chief Technical Officer), also known as the “technical director”, in the field of information technology, especially in product companies, plays a crucial role in achieving the technological and business goals of the organization, ensuring the introduction of innovations to achieve the financial and strategic goals of the business. Let’s delve into the understanding of the responsibilities that lie on the shoulders of a technical director, as well as what a typical work cycle of such a professional looks like.

CTO is not just a technical director, but also an architect of the company’s technological future. The main goal is to determine the direction of technology development and ensure their successful implementation.

Hiring a CTO in a product IT company in Belarus


CTO is responsible for budgeting, developing and launching new products, as well as hiring and managing the company’s technical departments. His tasks also include ensuring that the company’s infrastructure meets its objectives.

What tasks CTO has to deal with:

  • Implementation of flexible approaches to development: Effective development requires flexibility, and CTO is the most important unit here, integrating relevant project development and management techniques in a timely manner.
  • Building a product development strategy: Product orientation in development is the key to successful interaction with customers. CTO develops a strategy to create products that meet the needs of the market.
  • Transition to a new technology stack: In the IT sector, the stack of necessary technologies changes quite quickly, so a competent technical director responds in a timely manner and is responsible for updating the company’s technical stack to increase efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Launching new products to the market: The development of new products is one of the most important tasks of CTO aimed at scaling and developing the company’s business.
  • Improving sustainability and productivity: Ensuring stable operation of services and systems is one of the priorities of a specialist who cares about the reliability of the technical infrastructure.
  • System development and refinement: Continuous improvement and modernization of systems is an important aspect of work aimed at following modern standards.


The ideal CTO work cycle can be imagined as a continuous process of solving administrative tasks, developing strategies and optimizing processes. He builds and scales a technical system, and then proceeds to new projects, while maintaining a balance between following established policies and operational activities.

A distinctive feature from other top managers is the focus on managing the technical component of the business, involvement in technical decision-making and close connection with production resources. CTO is not just a leader, but also a technical expert with experience in solving complex engineering problems.


When choosing a technical director, attention should be paid to his experience in developing technological strategies, project experience and ability to effectively manage technical departments. An important factor is the experience in implementing flexible development methodologies, introducing new technologies and successfully completing projects.


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