Recruitment of top managers

The top manager is the key to the productivity, profitability and output of the company. Recruitment of top managers is a search for highly skilled employees in managerial positions. Recruiters are involved to hirethe most suitable and professional candidates on the market.

What kind of specialists in this area we recruit

Depending on the needs of the client, we offer the recruitment of staff of top and middle level of any specialization, responsible for different areas of activity in the company:

      • directors;

      • deputy director;

      • head of mission;

      • head of departments, administrations, divisions;

      • regional manager.

Examples of recent successfull cases: the recruitment of the Head of Mission for a foreign organization, the General Director for a group of companies, Financial Directors, Development Director and Directors of Legal Affairs.

Which industries we recruit for 

We analyze the client’s business in details in order to recruit the most suitable candidates for the needs of the company, with successful work experience and competence in both the most in demand and rarer areas:

   • finance, banking sector;

   • energy industry;

   • manufacturers of electronic and mobile devices;

   • small and medium IT business;

   • mobile operators;

   • large retail chains;

   • and others.

Approximate salary level for top managers

While recruiting top managers, most of the companies prefer to discuss remuneration in a personal interview with a candidate and do not indicate salaries in vacancies. The gap in salaries is large, while the average rates of specialists in top positions are high. In addition to salary, top manager’s income normally includes bonuses and long-term incentive programs. Social package goes separately.

The peculiarities of the recruitment of top managers

The main feature of the recruitment of top managers is that biggest part of potential candidates are not actively looking for a job, in addition, top managers rarely post resumes on career search websites. Therefore, finding the best specialist at the market is a rather challenging task.

Top managers with knowledge of several foreign languages

According to statistics, approximately seventy percent of top managers know a foreign language. In international companies practically one hundred percent know English. However, candidates are frequentlyrequired to know other European languages. Oriental languages ​​are gaining popularity, employees knowing them are in the highest shortage.

The work steps of recruitment a top manager or "how we work"

Recruiting of senior and middle management staff by our specialists is conducted according to the following algorithm:

   • in-depth consideration of business or client’s field of activity

   • profiling based on the needs of the client;

   • elaboration the databases of applicants and compilation a list of candidates (long list);

   • creating a resume of a potential employee with a description of positive features and recommendations for the full potential and motivation unleashing;

   • consultation of the customer during the meeting and interviewing the candidate (if necessary);

   • in case of successful hiring, further support of the employee.

Why us?

   • own highly professional team of employees;

   • unlimited opportunities in recruiting the suitable candidate (both in our country and abroad). This is achieved through extensive experience, own unique database of top managers and cooperation with the best world organizations of this type;

   • accessible payment system and good prices (no prepayment required);

   • quality assurance of the performed work.

Closing positions for key employees is a labor-intensive process. A mistake could easily occur in recruitmentof senior and middle managers without an understanding of the situation in the labor market and the specificities of the company’s activities. Therefore, we are principally are oriented on customer needs.

Terms of recruitment of top managers and guarantees 

Hiring a top manager is a long process caused by its complexity. Considering all the circumstances, we conduct the recruitment of senior and middle management staff in the optimal terms.

Our goal is satisfaction with the result of the services provided by each client contacted us. Consequently, the quality assurance is free of charge recruitment of a new employee if the candidate we recruited earlier did not pass the probation.