Recruiting a Scrum Master in Belarus

What is a Scrum Master? 

A Scrum Master creates a development environment that is creative, secure, productive, and supportive, and provides multi-directional collaboration. A Scrum Master is an integral part of the team. They are responsible for supporting the project and negotiating between the development team and the product manager/owner. It is the person to approach with some interpersonal problem in the team and ask for help in solving it. Such a specialist will ensure that all processes follow a flexible methodology. They will schedule meetings in accordance with scrum guidance and make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible on the project and in the team. This person greatly facilitates communication and collaboration between all elements of the project. It is a connecting role, so the responsibilities will vary depending on the unique needs of each business and team.

What a Scrum Master should know and be able to do

The main task of a Scrum Master is to identify and remove obstacles that impede the progress of the project. If problems go beyond them, they can get help from other stakeholders. A Scrum Master's intervention is needed to remove obstacles when team members are unable to overcome them. A good specialist should be able to create a working atmosphere of trust and comfort. A team member will be seen as a powerful resource when a Scrum Master doesn't judge and discriminate. Should such issues arise between team members, a Scrum Master should be able to identify and resolve them. Like we said, one of their important responsibilities is to ensure sufficient coordination and cooperation among the team members.

Having good oral and written communication skills is essential to ensure proper communication between the development team, stakeholders, and products that are delivered efficiently and on time. On the other hand, a lack of proper communication may be ruining a well-designed project.

Such a specialist will help build trust throughout the project, and this will help reduce workflow interruption.

Average salary of a Scrum Master in Belarus

The average salary of a Scrum Master in Belarus ranges from $500 to $2,200. But one should understand that the figure will depend on the experience and skills of the developer. In our experience, there were also cases when the client was ready to agree on the salary suggested by the candidate, if, of course, the latter was up to par.

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