Recruiting Android developers in Belarus

What is an Android developer?

An Android developer is someone who makes our lives easier by developing relevant mobile and desktop apps that help us in our daily activities. That is, an Android developer is a specialist who is a software developer, specializing in the development of applications for the Android marketplace. They gain a complete understanding of what users need, and then lead the entire software development processes.

Besides computer skills, Android developers must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They also need to have strong communication skills in order to work well with others and give clear instructions while working on projects. Creativity and attention to detail are also important qualities. 

This means that the role of an Android developer in an organization is to create applications depending on which domain your company operates in. They can create both simple apps and complex ones such as games (PUBG, Candy Crush, Word Cookies, etc.).

Where are Android developers needed?

Today, mobile developers are needed absolutely everywhere: media, online stores, air carriers, food delivery services, etc. Many companies these days create mobile applications, because this allows them to keep their clients up to date with all their events, create points accumulation systems through them, and so on. Below are listed all of the most promising industries where mobile developers are increasingly needed today:

What should an Android developer know and be able to do?

A good Android developer should have a strong knowledge of the Android SDK and various versions of Android. They should also be proficient in programming languages ​​such as Java, Kotlin, Scala, have a deep knowledge of Android UI design principles, patterns and best practices. A decent knowledge of SQL is also required, as well as a deep understanding of code version control tools (such as Git). They should be familiar with RESTful API which connects Android apps to back-end services. Experience with offline storage, streaming, and performance tuning will be a plus. Naturally, an Android developer must understand the business requirements and translate them into technical requirements. And also be familiar with continuous integration, which is quite an important factor.

Average salary of an Android developer in Belarus

The average salary of an Android developer in Belarus ranges from $700 to $6000. But one should understand that the figure will depend on the experience and skills of the developer. In our experience, there were also cases when the client was ready to agree on the salary suggested by the candidate, if, of course, the latter was up to par.

Where Android developers are trained in Belarus

As a rule, in Belarus, the profession of an Android developer is studied on various courses, including online platforms. Also, large IT companies often conduct internships and training, where they teach the basics of Android development. 

Important personal qualities of an Android developer

A mobile developer is a really difficult job, because users always give their feedback about the application and its convenience.

Below we will list the requirements for Android developers:

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