Recruitment in pharmacy 

The main goal of pharmacy is improving the quality of human life. It is a dynamically developing industry, constantly replenished with innovative products and technologies. To ensure the dynamic work of the company, a high level of education and skills of employees is important. If the appropriate specialists are not recruited, even the best organization plans would not give good results. Our assistance in the staff recruitment — it is the art of identifying and searching for high-quality staff.

What specialists in this area we recruit 

We track trends in pharmacy to provide professional consultancy on the labor market situation in this industry. Company employees use their own database to assist as soon as possible in closing the following vacancies:

• medical representatives;

• specialists in the registration of medications;

• field managers;

• marketing specialists;

• sales managers;

• key client managers.

Our team has expertise and knowledge in specific sectors, so we could easily support you in every step of your hiring process. We know how to recruit the right pharmacists, pharmacists, medical representatives or any other staff in related specialties.

The approximate level of salaries of specialists

Opportunities, earnings and workload are mainly depend on the region. Bonus systems are frequentlyprovided. Certifications are practiced among chemists and pharmacists, as a result of which salary increments are made. In general, pharmacists are the category of health workers whose salaries are much higher than the average.

The peculiarities of recruitment

A pharmacist is a profession of great demand. The services of these specialists are needed in pharmacies, pharmacy warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, research centers and laboratories. Candidates are normally required to have knowledge in chemistry, biology, Latin, psychology, information technology. There are very few “prepared” and “free” professionals with such skills. Until recently, pharmacist higher education was available only at Vitebsk State Medical University. However, we fully aware of the pharmaceutical market, we have a large tried-and-tested database of resumes of candidates of different levels and we are constantly updating this information.

Recruitment of specialists in pharmacy: languages

There are a lot of international companies in Belarus in view of this applicants are often expected to know a foreign language. The most common language is English, but other language skills are required as well. In addition, every pharmacist or chemist should know the Latin basics of the design of medicines and prescriptions. We for our part check professional suitability and knowledge of candidates so that you couldensure that the person you hire is perfectly fits your business.

The work steps in the recruitment of a specialist or "how we work"

The recruitment of specialists in the pharmaceutical industry by our employees is conducted according to the following algorithm:

• signing a contract and preparing a detailed application for staff recruitment (available online), assigning a personal manager to the client;

• searching for candidates, their passing our mini-interviews, testing candidates skills, gaining information about previous jobs;

• sending to the client an e-mail list of candidates' resumes;

• consultating the customer during the meeting and interviewing the candidate (if necessary);

• in case of successful hiring, further support of the employee.

Why exactly us?

The recruitment of highly specialized specialists is an area where the assist of professionals is really required. It is important not only to find a candidate with the appropriate education and experience, but also to test his skills and knowledge. For almost eight years we have been providing individual recruitment services. We are aware of the processes in the pharmaceutical market and our knowledge, experience and professional competence would be able to satisfy the staffing needs of the most demanding client. We build trusting and long-term relationships with our partners, work for the result - in the last eleven months alone, forty-five staff search contracts for pharmaceutical companies have been successfully completed.

Terms of selection and guarantees

Our main priorities are quickness ​​and quality of work. We solve the problem of hiring candidates at any leveland assist in the position closing as soon as possible. The quality assurance of our services is a free of charge recruitment of a new employee if the hired candidate has not passed the probation. It is crucial for us that every client was satisfied with the result of cooperation.