The recruitment of marketing specialists 

The need in recruitment of skilled marketing specialists is a quite common situation in the companies, due to staff turnover, a shortage of specialists with thinking outside the box and  creative ideas.

What specialists in this area we recruit

There is a huge amount of specialists operating in marketing and promotion. There are some of them:

    • Marketing Director - the head of the entire marketing department.

    • Marketing Manager - a marketing specialist administering the entire process of marketing activities, normally in small companies.

    • Brand manager – conducts advertising and is responsible for products and brand awareness.

    • Internet marketer – product promotion, advertising on the Internet.

    • Marketing analyst – analyzes the products of the company and competitors, gives recommendations for further development.

    • Sales Manager – is responsible for the sales of products and services.

    • Product manager – is responsible for all necessary activities from its development to sale of a specifictype of product.

We would recruit the necessary specialist for any specialty in the marketing field, taking into account all the requirements and conditions.

Which industries we recruit marketing and advertising specialists for

Specialists analyzing consumer market, coming up with different ways of promotion, proposing creative ideas are needed in any industries: banking sector and finance, energy industry, small and medium-sized IT businesses, large retail chains, manufacturers of electronic and mobile devices, mobile operators and others.  

The approximate salary level of specialists

The salary level of marketing specialists and advertising specialists is very different. In rapidly developing market relations, the qualitative and rapid promotion of goods plays a significant role. Companies are willing to pay decent salary to the professionals possessing the best skills enable to ensure such a promotion.

The peculiarities of the recruitment

It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit an outstanding, talented and enabling to generate creative ideasmarketing specialist and competently lead them to the end user.

It is complicated to choose a candidate with the qualities above - companies are trying to retain such staff. Therefore, we consider it appropriate to entrust this work to a team of professionals.

Recruitment of marketing specialists: languages

Currently, more often the requirements for candidates include the need to know foreign languages. In most cases, a candidate who knows foreign languages ​​could expect a higher salary. Our company conducts the recruitment of specialists both for residents of the Republic of Belarus and foreign companies having offices in Belarus.

The work steps of recruitment a specialist or "how we work"

The recruitment process is as transparent as possible and consists of the following steps:

1. Receiving an application from a client, specifying details and requirements for a candidate.

2. Recruitment for candidates according to the client’s requirements: the search is conducted using both our database of applicants and, if necessary, using Internet resources.

3. A preliminary interview and testing of selected candidates to determine the necessary qualities and skills, then forming a final list of suitable candidates.

4. Sending the final list of candidates with interview results, tests and our recommendations to the client.

5. Arranging an interview with the selected candidate.

6. If a positive decision was made by the client based on the results of the interview, we sign the work completion certificate, then the payment is made.

7. Supporting the employee in passing the probation.

Why us?

Terms of recruitment and guarantees 

Our company has a good reputation at the recruitment market and we really value it. The main guarantee of the quality of the performed work is our principle: we would recruit a new employee free of charge if the previously recruited candidate would not pass the probation or resigns before the termination.

The recruitment of candidates is conducted in the shortest time possible, what is agreed with the client upon receiving of an recruitment request from him.