The recruitment for banks

The banking sector is featured by its dynamic development and specificity by a significant financial staff liability. What rise certain features in the recruitment for open positions.

Our company's experience allows us to promptly and based on the specificity of banking industry recruithighly qualified staff of any level, from top managers to consultants and technical staff.

What specialists in this area we recruit

For effective operation of the bank, the staff must have high responsibility and meet the professional skillsset by the customer.

Our company would assist you in recruiting staff and closing positions in all areas of banking business:

Approximate salary level of specialists

The salary of the bank's employees complies with the position held. While conducting an interview for the position of a bank employee, the salary is individually discussed with each candidate and partly depends on the applicant's professional skills and work experience.

А system of bonus awards, bonuses and incentives is developed and operates in the banking sector. Banks also offer their employees social packages in a form of social insurance, sports and fitness payments, holding sports and children's events and other incentives.

Peculiarities of recruitment

The specificities of the banking sector include such features as:

While recruiting staff for banks our specialists use a special approach, taking into account  customer's requirements for certain personal and professional skills of staff considering the above-mentioned features of the banking sector.

Recruitment of bank employees: languages

To the customers’ requirements to candidates you can frequently encounter knowledge of English or other foreign languages, what is quite logically in a dynamically developing economy.

Our specialists have the knowledge and skills to conduct pre-screening and testing candidates for positions related to foreign language skills.

Work steps of recruitment a specialist or "how we work"

Our recruitment work could be divided into the following stages:

1. Receiving the request from the customer and specifying the order details.

2. Preliminary search for candidates best suited to the customer's requirements.

3. Forming the final list of candidates is conducted after the interview and testing of candidates by specialists of our company.

4. Providing to the customer the final list of candidates with our recommendations.

5. Providing assistance in conducting customer interview with candidates, if necessary.

6. We support the signing of an employment contract and passing a probation.

Why us?

Our company has been operating in the recruitment market for more than seven years and specializes in recruitment of different kinds of staff, including single-subject specialists. During this times we have earned a good reputation. Most of our customers become our regular clients. And for companies unfamiliar with our agency we provide guarantees of quality of our work and perform calculations upon signing the work completion certificate.

Terms of recruitment and guarantees

As a guarantee of the quality of performed work, our main principle is: if the recruited by us candidate did not pass the probation or resigned during this period, we would recruit a new candidate free of charge.

It must be mentioned that during the activity of our company, not a single customer has exercised this right.

Our recruitment Agency will close all the necessary positions as soon as possible.