The recruitment of accountants and financiers

One of the key person having a direct impact on the development and management of any company is an accountant (in small legal entities the functions of accountant and economist are normally performed by one person).

The recruitment of qualified specialists must be approached thoroughly, as their functionality includes many important, demanding tasks.

What specialists in this areas we recruit

Depending on the size of the company, accounting functions of a company can be performed either by a single accountant or by a whole team of accountants and financiers.

At your request we will recruit:

• chief accountant;

• head accountant;

• deputy chief accountant;

• payroll accountant;

• accountant at different areas;

• assistanting accountant;

• economist.

We would also discuss and recruit accountants and financiers with different functionality.

Which industries we recruit specialists for

A qualified accountant is a need for every company conducted economic activities in any industry: finance and banking sector, small and medium-sized businesses, energy industry, manufacturers of electronic and mobile devices, mobile operators, large retail chains and others.

The approximate salary level of specialists

The salary of specialists accounting for the company is strictly individual. Its agreed between the employer and the employee and normally depends on the size of the company, position, functionality, motivational and social policies of the employer and a number of other circumstances.

In terms of numbers it could be very averaged, the salary gap is very significant: from 600 to 5000 Belarusian rubles

The peculiarities of the recruitment

The main peculiarity of the recruitment accountants and financiers might be called the specifity of the workitself:

A great number of job seekers applying for an accountant position, on the one hand, facilitates the choice for the employer (there are some options to choose from), but on the other hand, it makes difficult to exclude a large number of applicants while searching for a professional.

All these peculiarities prove that recruitment of such specialists as an accountant, chief accountant, financier must be trusted to professionals.

Recruitment accountants and financiers: languages

Increasingly, in the requirements of the employer for the candidacy of an accountant/financier, there is a requirement for knowledge of the English language and this applies not only to international companies. The work of an accountant in the modern world reaches a new level, an accountant becomes the "right hand" of the head of financial affairs, taxation, risks estimation and work optimization.

The work steps of recruitment a specialist or "how we work"

1. Receiving an application for the recruitment of an employee, discussing the requirements of the employer and the peculiarities of work.

2. Selection and analysis of candidates’ CV’s.

3. Formating the list of candidates.

4. Interviews and testing the candidates by specialists of our company.

5. Forwarding the list of candidates to the client, as well as, if necessary, client consultation during the interviewing of the applicant.

6. Support within the hiring process and passing a probation by an employee.

Why us?

Terms of recruitment and guarantees

Our recruitment agency would recruit a professional in the shortest amount of time possible in any Belaruscity.

We guarantee to hire for you a new employee free of charge if the previously recruited employee has not passed the probation.